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King Pin Bush
The King Pin Bush, golden and pivotal in automobiles and pumps, crafted from stainless steel, minimizes friction and ensures stability. Its precision design enhances control, prolongs machinery life, and boosts safety. It's a durable, essential component in automotive and industrial operations, ensuring reliability in diverse environments.

Spring Bush
The Spring Bush, bronze and polished, crucial in industry, secures axles, ensuring reliable performance. Precision-built, it withstands heavy loads, enhancing equipment longevity. Its polished finish reduces friction, enabling smooth axle movement. Versatile across industries, it optimizes operational reliability, ensuring seamless functionality and safety.

Bearing Thrust Pad
The Bearing Thrust Pad, golden and vital in industry, handles axial loads from shafts. Crafted from durable bronze and polished, it ensures reliable operation under demanding conditions. Its precision design distributes forces evenly, minimizing stress on machinery. Versatile across sectors, it optimizes equipment performance, ensuring smooth operation and longevity in critical processes.

Bell Crank Bush
The Bell Crank Bush, crucial in wearing industries, varies in sizes for diverse needs. Crafted from durable bronze and polished, it endures heavy usage. Its design ensures smooth motion transmission, enhancing efficiency. Polished finish reduces friction, prolonging lifespan. Versatile in application, it improves operational stability, reducing maintenance in wearing industries.

Broach Bush
The Broach Bush, golden and durable in industrial settings, creates keyway-shaped holes with precision. Its polished finish reduces friction, enhancing efficiency. Versatile across industries, its robust construction ensures reliability, minimizing downtime. Offering precise results, it optimizes machining processes, enabling high-quality output with minimal effort in industrial operations.

Bush Axle Housing
The Bush Axle Housing, golden and pivotal in industry, comes in Big-Tafe or small Tafe variants. Crafted from durable bronze and polished, it securely houses axles. Robust construction and polished finish enhance longevity and efficiency, minimizing wear and friction. Versatile, it optimizes equipment performance, ensuring stability and minimal downtime in heavy-duty applications.

Cam Block
The Cam Block, golden and critical in industrial machinery, comes in Front or Rear variants. Constructed from durable bronze and polished, it integrates seamlessly with radial cams. Its precise action regulates fuel intake and exhaust, ensuring efficient engine operation. Versatile and reliable, it optimizes engine performance, offering precise valve control for enhanced efficiency and durability.